Pieces Of The Week 5

Finally tried an Apple Crumble Latte at Starbucks and it tastes sooo good!
Met a scary rabbit near the castle!
Who needs a healthy dinner if there are delicious and sweet cupcakes?
We enjoyed a great evening at our favourite Italian restaurant.
Love my new shoes! <3 <3 <3

Pieces Of The Week 4

Time for some Campari Soda.
Poor doll!!
I´m the world´s best climber, so elegant!^^
A cute pork family!
The most beautiful soaps I´ve ever got. A great souvenir from Volterra from my sister! <3 

Pieces Of The Week 3

Tried to make plum vinegar, now I have to wait 6 weeks before I can use it!
I love fresh flowers in the apartment!
Beautiful building in the historic district of my city.
The best way to start the day.
My favourite colours for fall: mustard, grey and bordeaux. 

Pieces Of The Week 2

What’s better than fresh strawberries for dessert? Too sad the season is over now!
My favourite flower of the summer: lavender
Tried a new hairstyle. Doing a braid overhead isn’t that easy..^^
Got this sweet Baby-OPI as a present from a lovely friend.
Funny pedalboat-trip some weeks ago.