Pieces Of The Week 14

A beautiful sky behind our town hall.
 Me wearing my favourite beanie before going to the hairdresser yesterday.
Right after the hairdresser with my new hairdo, do you like it?:)
Got this beautiful gold platet heart as an early Christmas gift yesterday
I am leaving towards New York City tomorrow and  I´m super excited!!!!:)
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Pieces Of The Week 13

Christmas decoration on my window-sill.

Spent yesterday´s afternoon at the Christkindles market with two lovely friends!

I´ve got an elf for summer and one for winter so guess wich one is hanging on my window now?:)

 Would love to have this as a decoration in my apartment. Unfortunately it´s not mine but my sister´s!:)

Thank you Stylight for sending me this Goodie-Bag!
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Pieces Of The Week 11

Things I love at the moment: cozy sweater, some good books, candles and tee! <3
Ate the best Burger in town at Chong´s Diner!!
 The most famous rabbit in Nuremberg: Albrecht Dürer´s hare.
Teatime with my mom. We used some of the teabags I´ve made as a DIY for Mother´s Day.
Today´s lunch was soooo delicious. Crispy goose at Winkler Bräu in Lengenfeld.
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