Pieces Of The Week 9

My new necklace from Zara. It´s perfect to spice up a simple outfit!
Great colour and unique design: My favourite lipstick from Chanel <3
And today also my bf´s “Piece of the week”. He is probably one of the biggest Springsteen-Fans worldwide!!^^
What´s in my bag?
Me looking like a nerd with my new glasses.. :)
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Pieces Of The Week 8

Great idea for a DIY. Maybe I´ll try it!!!:)
Found this beautiful cafe with this cute decoration in my hometown.
 The best remedy for the cold: homemade fruit salad! <3
I love this timbered house!
Enjoyed a perfect afternoon yesterday drinking hot chocolate and coffee with a good friend!:)
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Pieces Of The Week 7

Bought this pretty postcards last week!
Who is this girl with the long legs?? Not me, that´s for sure!!!!!????^^
I wouldn´t mind having a sailing boot like this for myself..
I love these baby apples, they´re called raspberry-apples in German. <3
Had so much fun carving pumpkins with the girls!!

Pieces Of The Week 6

Fall season is candle season! I bought myself a new wind light covered with birch bark, do you like it?

I love to walk around in parks when the leaves change their colour in fall!

And once again some cupcakes – I think I´m addicted! But they´re beautiful, aren´t they??
I rediscovered this chain of pearls, an heirloom from my grandmother.

If you´re following me on instagram (@pieces_of_mariposa) you´ve already seen my new earrings. 
Do you like them?