Pieces Of The Week 99

This chocolate muffin was to die for and nope, I really do not want to know how many calories I´ve consumed..:p
As the temperature already feel like fall at least these colorful flowers can bring a little summer to the apartment. 
This pic actually was made last year but as I haven´t shown it on the blog yet and it reminds me of my city trip to Düsseldorf in August I wanted to post it anyway.
New necklace love by LayeredAndLong. You can get it here.
Today´s lunch: Wild herb salad with raspberries and goat cheese, so delicious!
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  1. Silvi   •  

    Looks like you had a lovely week! This chocolate muffin looks delicious! x

  2. Anonym   •  

    Beautiful pictures, I love your Blog

  3. Anonym   •  

    Ich will auch so einen Muffin, wo bekommt man den in Nürnberg?

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