Pieces Of The Week 100

Can´t believe it but today I´m already publishing my 100th “Pieces Of The Week” post, whoop whoop!!!! In honor of this occassion the boy picked me this beautiful flowers from his grandparents garden, thank youuu! <3
On Tuesday I had a super fun sushi dinner date with Jecky and Tatjana. I already showed you the outfit I´ve worn on this day here.

Love the sushi at Sushi Glas, definitely the best sushi in town!
Little preview of one of my next outfitposts, stay tuned!

Seems I´m only eating all the time, huh? Well to be honest, I do, haha!!:) Went brunchin’ at “Meins & Deins” today with my sister,  my sweet baby niece and my boy.

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4 Kommentare

  1. Anonym   •  

    Congratulations, beautiful flowers

  2. Pinki Wink   •  

    Wow, herzlichen Glückwunsch. 100x gab es schon meine Lieblingsbeiträge von dir :). Die Blumen sind wundervoll. Ich freue mich auf die nächsten 100 :)

  3. Anonym   •  

    Die Blumen sind wunderschön, sieht aus wie ein Stilleben!

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