Pieces Of The Week 62

Normally I´m never wearing hats because I think that they just don´t suit me. But finally I´ve found one that I really, really like. Showing you a proper outfit with my new hat soon.
All the christmas stuff I used to decorate our appartment. Are you interested in a seperate post with the result?
In love with the idea of placing items on a little mirror.
Christmas decoration all over the city, I love this time of the year!
I wasn´t in the mood for making an Advent wreath this year so I just placed four candles on my silver tray and decorated it with Christmas tree balls, gilded pine cones, acorns and star anise.
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  1. Anonym   •  

    Waiting for the complete Decore post

  2. ekule le   •  

    Super schöne Impressionen, Deine Weihnachts- bzw Adventsdeko schaut toll aus!

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