Pieces Of The Week 53

Coffee table decoration. <3

 Enjoyed delicious grilled mackerel with some friends yesterday.

What to do if it´s too cold for wearing your favorite summer dress? Just wear it with a comfy cashmere sweater, a feather vest and some tights!:)

Made some muffins for my colleagues. Guess they will be very happy finding them on their desks tomorrow!:)

Made some purchases at Benefit. Bought something for my brows and Coralista, the best rouge ever!

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Comments (8):

  1. Anonym

    30. September 2013 at 7:30

    Beautifull photos as always.

  2. Julia

    30. September 2013 at 9:15

    schöne deko … ich liebe ja auch kerzen … nicht zuviel aber ne kerze gehört immer in die deko ;) fisch grillen ist auch mal soooo lecker i love… glg


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