Pieces Of The Week 48

I´m sorry, I´m a little late this time and the new week already has started. But when I came home from Düsseldorf yesterday I was just too tired to load up these pictures. So I´m showing you the pieces of my last week today. This last week mainly consisted of two exciting things: our new balcony and my weekendtrip to Düsseldorf. I guess from now on we will only eat food that can be roasted on the grill..:) The best meal last week definitely was grilled sea bream, soooo delicious!!!!

Another barbecue meal: Grilled zucchini, sausages and a mixed salad.
Had an awesome weekend with lovely Lara from From heart to heel and the girls…

.. and the best mojito ever. Not very difficult when served in a jar, I´m so in love with this kind of glasses!:)

Beautiful flowers at Carlsplatz, a big market where you can buy so much great stuff!
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  1. wmw style

    20. August 2013 at 15:54

    omg das vorletzte bild von dir ist der hammer! liebst die twins


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