Pieces Of The Week 44

Spending some quality time with my boy is the most beautiful part of the week!! <3
 Made pictures of my iced latte while my coffee date was talking and then 
realised today that you can see her in the mirrored sunnies!:)
The weekly lunch at my parents house is always delicious!! 
 Turned a white small bowl into a sparkling jewelry dish. Soon on the blog.
 I love the smell of roses!
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  1. my dear, especially the sesame salmon combinde with peach (?!) and vegetables looks absolutely convincing – please let us know the recipe XX wish you a lovely weekstart, julia : )

  2. Julia   •  

    Tolle Fotos! Ich liebe diese Art von Rückblicken :)

  3. Rakel   •  

    nice pics!

    Would you like follow each other?:)

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