Pieces Of The Week 33

This week was all about sunny weather, spending lots of time outside and eating home made mango water ice 
with raspberries! <3

While soaking up the sun on Friday afternoon we stopped at this tree with its thousands of magnolia flowers and decided that it was the perfect location for new outfit pictures! Stay tuned for the whole outfit!
I know I´m overloading you with flower pictures but what can I say? I just love them!:)
My favorite glasses at the moment: Cary by Tom Ford. I also love the black ones (here).
Since I´ve got some requests about the tray you could see in my last post I thought that I also should show you the cute wrapping since it was almost as beautiful as the tray itself!:)
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Comments (7):

  1. blackstephwhite

    28. April 2013 at 18:52

    wie süss ist die verpackung! mit personal message! <3 schöner pieces post, mein liebe xo

  2. Eva Bo

    29. April 2013 at 17:14

    Wie machst du das Eis? Das sieht total lecker aus :)

  3. Pieces of Mariposa

    2. Mai 2013 at 8:28

    Entschuldige für die späte Antwort!!!
    Ursprünglich wollte ich einfach nur eine Mango essen,
    aber da diese sooooo weich war, habe ich einfach den
    Saft aus der Mango gepresst und das ganze dann in die
    Eisförmchen gefüllt, also pures Mango-Wasser-Eis!
    Probier es aus, das war soooo lecker!!:)

  4. Pieces of Mariposa

    2. Mai 2013 at 8:42

    Ja mach das, ist super einfach, nur frisch gespressten Mangosaft
    einfrieren und fertig!:)


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