Pieces Of The Week 32

This week spring arrived here in Nuremberg and you can see flowers and blooming trees everywhere. Love 
these Japanese cherry blossoms!
 Due to all the fresh colours around me I was in the mood for some spring colours! <3 Showing you the whole 
outfit next week.
 Yesterday was the official Record Store Day so my boyfriend and I went to his favorite record store to buy some vinyl albums and listen to the band that played right in the shop. We had so much fun and the band 
(Smokestack Lightnin) was awesome!!
 Started the weekend with some vitamines. Looks a little toxic but it was really tasty! Mixed a mango and 
blueberries with water and milk and added a fresh passion fruit on top.
Another picture I´ve made of the lemon and grapefuit peels. Did you enjoy the recipe? You can find it here 
again if you haven´t seen it yet.
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Comments (4):

  1. Kristiina

    21. April 2013 at 6:33

    Lovely post! I love all the colours! Especially your sweater!


  2. blackstephwhite

    21. April 2013 at 11:01

    ich liebe die pieces of the week rubrik! wünschte ich wäre drauf gekommen ;) haha. wünsche dir einen schönen sonntag meine liebe! <3 xxx

  3. Pieces of Mariposa

    22. April 2013 at 13:51

    Oh, das freut mich total das zu hören, ich freue mich immer über Feedback!:)
    Dein Konzept gefällt mir bisher auch sehr gut, so ein Blog braucht sehr viel
    Zeit und muss wachsen, ich bin ja eigtl. auch noch ziemlich am Anfang..:)
    Küsschen, Vanessa


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