Pieces Of The Week 30

Today I´m showing you five things I´m loving right now. Bought this lipstick/rouge from Benefit yesterday and it´s already one of my favorites.
Look at this little lamb, isn´t it cute? Thank you so much for this little gift dear Julia! <3
It seems that I had a lucky week and as this gift arrived at home I couldn´t be more happy! Thank you Mehrnaz and thank you Veuve Clicquot!
How often do you need to buy new flowers? I´m buying fresh tulips every week because they´re only in bloom for five days? Nevertheless I´m love how they look!:)
I´ve already showed you this shirt on Instagram and I just had to buy it! The design reminds me of Louis Vuitton but guess where it´s from? By the way: I´m selling lots of new stuff on Kleiderkreisel so just click here!
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8 Kommentare

  1. Anonym   •  

    könntest du das benefit produkt genauer vorstellen?

    Danke :)

  2. Shop Le Monde   •  

    Tolle Bilder, Süße! Ich hoffe der Champagner hat geschmeckt! Küsschen

  3. Pieces of Mariposa   •  

    Danke liebe Anni!:)
    Und ich werde den Lipgloss gerne noch näher vorstellen!
    Küsschen, Vanessa

  4. Pieces of Mariposa   •  

    Danke liebe Mehrnaz! Ich konnte ihn leider doch noch nicht trinken,
    aber das werde ich ganz bald nachholen!!!:)

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