Pieces Of The Week 28

Finally bought a Ball Mason Jar glass, I´m so in love with it! Next week I´m telling you more about the shop where I´ve found it.
I´m craving for red items currently.
 On Friday I enjoyed the best cheese cake I´ve ever tasted! Cake + Espresso + Sun = LOVE
And like every week some fresh flowers in my apartment! This time I´ve chosen white buttercups.
 And as I was speaking about my preference for red things that´s our beloved Nespresso coffee maker.

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  1. Laura

    24. März 2013 at 11:33

    Hallo liebe Leserin! ♥ Ich habe mir ein neues Blogdesign erstellt & würde mich riesig über ein kleines Feedback von dir freuen! Danke für deine Unterstützung. Herzlichst, Laura.

  2. Christina Dawes

    25. März 2013 at 2:52

    I love your blog! Following now, stay in touch xx


  3. Laxmi Gurung

    25. März 2013 at 10:35

    Hello sweety! This is such a amazing post to observe! Utterly like it! Are we following yet? If not then let's follow via GFC, BL, LB and FB too! Let me know, I always follow back! (: New post up on my blog! Stop by me soon! xx

    With love ❤.

  4. A N D Y S T Y L E

    25. März 2013 at 15:55

    hey, new follower, you have a very beautiful blog very pretty photos ;)
    follow back, if you like ;) x andy


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