Pieces Of Mariposa 64

 Best macarons in town! Bought at Wurzelsepp.
I´ve worn this combination about a hundred of times in the last two weeks. I´m so smitten with my new hat! <3
Look what´s hanging above the changing table of my little niece. Isn´t it lovely? I´ve ordered that gold printed picture at I See Noise and I think it´s a great and unique present!
Monster parsley! The one on the right has normal size.
Just nine days left until Christmas Eve!
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  1. The Fashion Colada   •  

    mal wieder super schöne bilder <3 und macarons sind sooo lecker <3 jetzt hab ich mal wieder super appetit drauf :-)


  2. i love macaroons! chocolate are so tasty, coconut, pistachio and vanilla are also yummy


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