Pieces Of The Week 81

Happy Easter everyone! These last past days were all about eating and relaxing. On Friday I made the most delicious pancakes I´ve ever had. Will post the recipe next week!
Some Easter presents. Needless to say that I looove the wrapping paper, right!?
Never ate so much chocolate like last week!
According to the occasion some “Osterglocken”.
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3 Kommentare

  1. Laura   •  

    Meine Liebe,
    schöööne bilder :* die pancakes sehen ja lecker aus :)
    Ich wünsche dir noch schöne Ostern <3
    Liebst, Laura

  2. Bratwurstmadl   •  

    Also Liebste, in ner Woche bin ich wieder in der Heimat! Ich finde wir könnten uns ruhig auf ein Pancake Frühstück verabreden :)
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Anonym   •  

    I love Leo wrapping paper, the pancakes look delicious, and all that chocolate, lovely.

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